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The Nebraska Sandhills Randonneurs host ACP and RUSA sanctioned long-distance bicycle rides in and around the Sandhills region of our vast midwestern plains state. Pre-register for ride by contacting the RBA (below), and filling out a registration form. NESHR has no club membership dues, however, membership with RUSA is required to participate in NESHR events.

Your RBA and organizer is Spencer Klaassen. Feel free to email for more information!

We look forward to riding with you!

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Nebraska Sandhills Brevet Tour 2020!

  Nebraska Sandhills Brevet Tour 2020
250/300 K – 200 K – 200 K – 200 K

Nebraska Sandhills Randonneurs is pleased to announce the details of our 2020 Nebraska Brevet Tour.  The brevets will take place from June 12 thru June 15, 2020. 

The ride will begin in Bassett, Nebraska.  The first time I went to the lodge, it was a step back in time:

Our route is a tour around the Nebraska Sandhills.  Most people outside Nebraska have never heard of the sandhills.  There are a number of great sources like Wikipedia. 

A few books may also be helpful:

“Like No Other Place”

Roadside Geology of Nebraska

These rides are unsupported but we do plan to have a vehicle move drop bags from one overnight location to the other. 

The ride fee is $20 per ride ($80 per series of four rides).  This covers RUSA insurance and the drop bag service. 

The Brevet Tour is an idea that was sprouted by Larry Larson (former RBA) as an alternative to a brevet week.  Initially it was a 200, 300, rest-day, then a 400 km brevet.  He later did a 600 km to complete the series.  Lately, the 400 km has been dropped and he does the routes as 200 to 300 km rides as a big loop of the Sandhills of Nebraska.


June 11:  Arrive in Bassett

Bassett Lodge & Range Café (402) 684-3379
$65 per two rider room (two queens)
Bassett, NE

June 12:  Bassett -> Gordon (250 K or 300 K):  7 am

Leave Bassett:  Two route options through Valentine
 Cross into Mountain Time Zone west of Valentine

Jeffco Inn (308) 282-2935
Gordon, NE
$73.50 for 1 person, $83.50 for 2 persons

June 13:  Gordon -> Alliance (200 K):  7 am
The route will visit Chadron, Crawford & Carhenge

American Inn (308) 762-8300
1419 W. 3rd St, Alliance, NE

June 14:  Alliance -> Thedford (200 K): 7 am
Leave Alliance and head east on the Sandhills Scenic By-Way
The route crosses from Mountain to Central Time Zone

Roadside Inn (800) 373-1648
Hwy 2, Thedford, NE

June 15:  Thedford -> Bassett (200 K): 7 am

Leave Thedford
Be sure to stock up as it is over 60 miles to first control in Valentine.
Return to Bassett Lodge & Range Cafe

**Riders will need to make their own arrangements for hotel.  I have held a number of rooms for the ride.  The rooms are saved under my name “Spencer Klaassen”

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